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Testimonials: Our results speak for themselves!

David Suarez
Managing Partner
Level 2 Aveda Salon & Spa
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Tara Quintero
Spa Director
Whole Aveda Salon & Spa
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"We have recently added Opportunity Knocks birthday prospecting to our marketing. Over that last 50 days, we have sent out a total of 5500 birthday postcards and are currently tracking a 7% response rate! So far, this has been the best 1 on 1 marketing we have ever done and we are very pleased with the early success. The best part about this program is that is it affordable and so easy to use! It has allowed us to reach out to potential customers around our locations, wish them a Happy Birthday and invite them to come in and see us on their special day. We've also collected over 350 email addresses from these prospective clients that we can use for other marketing mediums. Thanks Opportunity Knocks for showing us a new way to target our potential customers on a monthly basis."

Denise Williams
Chief Marketing Officer
The Original Hooters Corporation
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"We have only been using The Opportunity Knocks birthday prospecting system for only a couple months and we already have received a 9.8% response rate to our 1566 postcard mailing. In addition, we have received 46 referrals! This program has delivered new leads on a daily basis since our cards hit the mailboxes!"

Peter Psyllos
The Distillery Restaurant
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"We’ve been very surprised at the outstanding results from Opportunity Knock’s birthday prospecting system. Thus far, we’ve mailed just under 1200 birthday postcards and in just three months, we’ve already had 216 people respond to our offer...That’s an 18% response rate! Our goal is to provide each guest with a unique dining experience which lasts a lifetime. Initiating that experience with a personalized invitation to share their special day with us has provided us with an excellent lift in incremental business, not to mention the guest feels extremely special on their birthday. Not to mention, we now have their email address to do future promotions. It’s been a win-win-win relationship for all involved."

Colleen Dunavan
Managing Partner
Roy’s Restaurant, Sarasota
Member of OSI/Outback Family

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"I just wanted say how pleased I am with the results I have seen in my business from using Opportunity Knock’s Birthday Prospecting System. After trying several ways of marketing, they showed me how prospecting with personalized birthday postcards can drive new clients. It has been the best marketing we have done to date. We saw an immediate increase in business after sending the first batch of cards. Each month, it has been very consistent in bringing in new clients…plus we have been able to convert these first time clients into valuable repeat customers! Thank you, Opportunity Knocks, for giving me the results that I was never able to get with expensive magazines, the newspaper and other special mail outs."

Ana V. Santos
New Awakenings Salon & Spa

"In just three days, we had 21 postcards brought into our store! I couldn’t believe it, especially since we only sent 400 postcards. Being a boutique store, our revenue per customer is over $75 so with this $360 birthday prospecting campaign, we quadrupled our investment and we created a new customer who feels special on their birthday. I’m sure they’ll be back with even more business and more friends and family."

Dave LaBell
Two Sides of Nature